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ChefVille debuts on Facebook
Post le 31-08-2012 à 10:40:59
Zynga Poker is offering great online games on Facebook and their poker is one of the most popular games on Facebook. The brand has now turned into one of the most popular gaming brands on social networking sites. The new game ChefVille rewards players with 5,000 Chips to use for Zynga Poker when they reach Level 3 of the game which is really generous. Furthermore, players will get incredible 25,000 Zynga Poker Chips when they reach Level 7 of the game and 100,000 Zynga Poker Chips when they reach Level 10 of the game. Zynga is known for high quality games and different options. The great thing about the games is that you can earn Chips for Zynga Poker games with them and it is therefore a great way to earn different prizes and options. Play one of Zyngas games now to see for yourself why they have such a great reputation.

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