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On poker 770 challenges our best champions
Post le 26-08-2010 à 12:20:28
On the site of poker: poker770, come and challenge one of the best champions of 2010. Poker 770 organises a lot of poker tournament where you can challenge our champions and win a lot of big packages. On poker770 challenge Cyril Hanouna, Jérôme Alonzo and Jonathan Thonon and win a lot of presents. If you challenge them during one of the tournament and you finish in the 3 first places, you are automatically qualified for the next round and you have already won an Ipod or a lot of rewards. Also the tournaments take place during all of the week so you have a lot of chance to find one at anytime and have a seat. For the last round, if you win the tournament, you will get a package of 6000 Euros and the possibility to Las Vegas. So if you are a big fan of poker and you want to life a unique experience, play on poker 770.

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