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Post le 25-12-2008 à 07:17:55
This honour goes to Scott Fischman and Huck Seed. As a result of Fischman’s precocious success in the televised WSOP tournaments he has always been a choice invite for NBC. Despite his appearance in the group of 8 finalists in 2005 Fischman has not had success in the ‘sweet 16’ stadium. He has been close to the money but he has never successfully beaten 2 opponents. This must be a frustrating experience for a stalwart of the competition even if the performance was so inspiring. Seed took part in 2 ‘sweet 16s’ between 2005 and 2007. He was part of the 4 finalists in 2008 and 2006. Next year these 2 pro players will go to Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas for their 5th time but we doubt getting only a look at the money will satisfy them.

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