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Stud poker The variation of Poker
Post le 11-03-2011 à 03:18:07
Stud poker is a variation of poker that is very popular at online casinos. You play against the dealer and you get five cards face up. You decide from the start whether you want to play your hand or not. The player pays an ante, and then you bet, which is double the amount of the ante.

Then it's time to see if the dealer qualifies, he must have at least an ace and a king to do it. Then the hands are compared and whoever has the best hand wins. If the player wins, he gets double the ante and the bet is paid according to the paytable.

There are those who try to cheat when playing stud poker live. Since multiple players can play simultaneously, and everybody play against the dealer, there are those who try to work together to cheat. They can for example try to exchange cards without the dealer noticing to create better hands with a higher payout and then share the profits afterwards.

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